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Meet Dizzy

He is going to be 3 years old in Feb. 7th he is very lovable and playful
what a wonderful playmate for their other 2 dogs. Dizzy loves attention
and is very loyal to his brother Mushy.
Meet Pinky

Pinky is the new addition of Dizzy's family she is 12 weeks old and very
small. She is very sweet and obedient she already learned how to sit ,
speak, and give her paw. Not a very active dog but very cute she
tries to be the boss of the family but as you can see she's just too small
to do anything.
Meet Jude

Jude is a feisty dog he loves to play, chew velvet bones and loves to
pick on other puppies. He loves attention and treats.
Meet TiTi

This 4 year old 5 pound Yorkshire terrier is a very active and busy dog.
He works as a baby sitter for his owners niece. He sleeps on his owners
four poster bed every night and is very spoiled and loved.
Meet Tooshie

Tooshie is a crazy fun loving dog. She loves everything from toys to food
to shoes. If you never met a dog that loves attention and life this is the
dog to meet.
Meet Snoop

Snoop is always wondering where his mother is. He loves attention and
loves to play with other dogs. He has 2 sisters and a brother. They all
enjoy a nice outing to the dog run. As you can see, I'll have to keep
this short because he's falling asleep.
Meet Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty is Pinky's new best friend he is very affectionate and loves to
play. The only problem is he doesn't know that he's a cat. He eats dog
food, Plays with all the dogs and licks more than a normal dog
would. You would never meet another more affectionate kitty than this